Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Make Pretty Jewelry Holders

blog by: kim

How To Make These Pretty Jewelry Holders
(it’s easier than it looks)

Jewelry or key holders are a great addition of functional art to any home. No two are ever alike. Mine are  17’ L x 3.74” W. Pieces can be slightly longer/wider depending on length of recycled wood.

Use them to hang up your keys, jewelry or any other small items. Mine are made from recycled, old barn wood and designer damask fabrics.   But you can make these using any piece of wood with the right dimensions. You can choose the length and width you want. Decorate with assorted, hand picked knobs. I mix different knobs for a whimsical look. Each knob can hold multiple necklaces, bracelets, key chains, scarf, leashes, belts and more. And rememeber, reclaimed wood is earth friendly.

Add a nice hook on the back for hanging  right on your wall. These also look great simply displayed as functional wall art.

You’ll need:

a few pretty pieces of fabric that you like

scissors, matching ribbon for the ends if you want to use some,
a screwdriver for the screws that go in the knobs

a slab of wood. Approx 15” 4”, or the size you want. doesn't matter the kind of wood, as long as it's sturdy and clean

hot glue gun – these can be purchased at Walmart or any craft store, they are not expensive

electric drill- I used my husband’s, you’ll need this to drill holes clean through the wood so you can attach the knobs.

various knobs – it’s fun to look for vintage knobs or different styles to mix and match

add ribbon to the ends...

wall hooks for the back of the wood, to hang it from...

Fold your fabric over the wood, almost like you are wrapping a Christmas gift. Cover all parts of the wood so there are no exposed areas. Seal the seams on all 4 sides with a  line of hot glue. Make sure there are no loose ends, so it all looks neat & clean.

Measure where you want your knobs to go. 4-6 knobs usually looks best depending on the length of your piece of wood.

Knobs come with screws, so drill a hole through the wood, then screw in the knobs

Last, attach two wall hooks on the back upper right and left of your wood, so the jewelry holder can hang nicely.

All done. See? That wasn’t so hard. These look nice in a front hall, for keys, a bathroom, a child or baby’s room for trinkets or small clothes, or a kitchen for pet leashes, etc. It’s functional art.


  1. very nice idea, you are very talented and creative. Makes me want to try it even though I'm a kutz.