Saturday, October 16, 2010

How we made Lollipop Flower Rings

Blog by: kim & emily

Emily and I had some time this afternoon and decided to make our own little flowers rings from the candy ring-pops you buy in the store.

She though it would be best to EAT all 8 candy rings, but I nixed the idea and gave her ONE to eat instead. I broke off the candy on the other rings and threw it away..after eating a cherry one myself. Let's back up. Here's what the plastic ring pops look like minus the candy:

Use some wire cutters to snip off the top peg, so you have a flat surface:

Take a handful of silk flowers and leaves. Any kind you like. Michaels and Joanne's have big assortments, but they can be costly by the bunch. Another idea is thrift stores. You can find faux flowers at a fraction of the cost. This way it free's you up to buy more candy for you child to inhale :(

Use a hot glue gun. Trust me, they are inexpensive and worth the investment. Elmers glue will not hold and super glue is too thin. Add your flowers the way you think looks best. We also bought little tiny buttons to go in the middle of the flowers. Emily chose little mice (don't ask me why) and i chose a few vintage looking ones.

Mm 'kay, here is the finished product. Fun, easy and inexpensive to make. Yes, I will wear one with a little sun dress and Emmy will wear hers to school monday. We were asked about them at a downtown fair tonight. I told the lady they cost $2,540 each ; )

Here's Emily's little hand, wearing her creation:

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