Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are you being Naughty?

Blog by: Kim

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are coming. I love it. Halloween with loads of candy, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then the New Year. My favorite thing to do now when the weather gets colder is to cook and bake. I didn’t say I was good at it. Some dishes I make are amazing, others are a disaster (I keep quiet about those) Many times women have asked me how I stay slim. I assure them that I am human like everyone else and my ass has seen a couple extra pounds. I think many of us women deal with that. Men do to, but I’m a chick so I can only speak for the female species. Plus, some women  are emotional eaters as well. Sound familiar? Yes, I thought so. Me too.

Where was I? Yes….staying slim through the holidays when it’s so easy to over eat. I have no secrets, my metabolism is average and I’m to lazy for strenuous workouts.  I simply keep portions small, don’t eat much past 6:00 if I can help it, avoid most white carbs (pasta, white bread, rice, noodles) Mmm. Lots of lean protein, fruits and veggies, a multi vitamin a day, easy on the desserts, smart choices when eating out and I try to go walking or bike riding often. Grilled over fried, whole grains, stay away from heavy cream sauces and don’t skip breakfast. Are you writing this down?  No smoking, and easy on the booze. After 21, the hard partying “drunk” photos are no longer cute anyway. And lose the spandex dress party girl, those aren’t flattering for any body type. Next…

You might argue, “But I hate depriving myself.” So I answer, “You don’t  have to deprive, find a happy medium.” If you can find a healthy eating routine instead of a “diet,” you’ll stick to it over the long term. It’s worth it. Extra weight causes some cancers, heart disease, diabetes and more illnesses. So you see, it’s not all about vanity.

 I came up with four (yes, only four, my attention span is too short for more than four) great ways of keeping off the dreaded holiday weight at big dinner gatherings:

1. Bring something. Don’t go to a party empty handed. Whip up a healthy, but tasty dish.

2. Be picky. Choose your foods wisely. If you really want some of that creamy spinach dip, fine- but only a couple bites. Load up on veggies, salad and shrimp cocktail. Avoid  carbs (bread, pasta, etc),  creamy sauces, and fried foods. Self control is the key .

3. Plan ahead. If you know you’ll be eating a bigger meal, eat light all day, but don’t starve yourself or you’ll over eat. I always nibble on a light snack to avoid being too hungry for a large meal. That way I don’t attack the table. It works like a charm.

4. Savor your food. Eat slowly, savor every bite. Yeah, easier said than done, right? Avoid mindless eating. Wait ten minutes and then go back for more. You might decide you have had enough if you give your body time to digest. Mingle. And for god’s sake, stand somewhere other than the food table.

…and there’s a yummy loaf of home made banana bread calling my name. Then again, maybe tomorrow.


  1. This year will be easier for me than past ones. My dietary restrictions are mandatory! That being said, I'll add a 5th for you STOP EATING WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER HUNGRY! Only the turkey need be stuffed, not the people! Leftoves are really good anyway so no need to eat it all at one sitting. Eat what you want, but stop when you are almost full.

    Here's to enjoying yummy holiday treats... and celebrating that my kids are too old to trick or treat anymore! (ok, almost, which means no candy in the house calling my name!)

  2. Kim responded: Agreed Suz, that was #4. "stop eating and give your body time to digest" I know when i am hungry, i don't always do that. I have little ones, so we have occasional candy and desserts because i don't want to deprive them, i just don't eat most of it.

  3. Kristina responded: Great ideas! You do need to allow yourself a treat or mentally you keep the weight on! If you are going to bring something to a friends house - try beer bread and some dip, it's quick and easy and everyone loves it!

  4. Deb responded: Kim thank you!!! I love your suggestions...may I add...that if you have specialty foods, e.g. My family is Polish and makes certain food items once a year at XMAS...instead of overeating...take some extra home with you from the family gathering and pop it in the freezer for January, that way there is no sense of deprivation....have some now, save some for does work for me but it has to go in the freezer right away....