Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lux Magazine & The Kitchen Diaries

December 1, 2011

I have new and exiting things to share with you briefly. I started an online Women's Lifestyle Magazine last summer that has really taken off. We recently had an investor sign on and we are about to upgrade the site to new heights and we'll take on advertisers. 

Very exciting! The current url for  Lux is: www.myluxmagazine. Have a look. The new one will be simply: (Lux Magazine L.L.C) 

So after the new year, we'll launch the newly upgraded site for 2012!  The magazine features artists, designers and professionals from all over. It's a fun, supportive community. Our facebook page is:  MyLuxMagazine   So come stalk us there and say hello. We won't  bite.

Secondly, Alisa & I we have a cookbook being published in the spring of 2012. It's called The Kitchen Diaries. The website: ~ A fun and fabulous compilation of easy-to-make recipes from around the world, plus stories, photos and effortless entertaining tips. The facebook group is: /KitchenDiaries/ We are taking recipe submissions for possible publication in the book if you'd like to share with us! 

Questions regarding Lux or The Kitchen Diaries? Email:

Love, Kim

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