Saturday, July 23, 2011

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

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I find it hard to unplug. I know many people do. We made a conscious effort to take a few days away and have a "staycation" in Sand Key last weekend, close to where we live- 
Trip #1. 

No plane flights required for this trip. Some people pay to come here, we may as well take advantage and slow down for a long weekend. Enjoying the sandy white beaches of Clearwater, Florida whilst sipping a frozen drink and eating fresh seafood. Trying to find balance and be "zen" if only for a few days. This where we stayed. Not too shabby.

Took this photo off our balcony - "A Room with a View"

Sand Key

My good friends Alisa and Liz are in France for the week, visiting Brigitte and Eric and recording some tracks for the Wild World CD. Now that is a trip my friends! Can't wait to see their photos and hear the stories. Here they are in France. Oui!

My daughter Emily is up in Michigan visiting family. These are the weeks I plan my short trips. Next is my flight to VA to see my good girlfriend Kristin- Trip #2. Wineries and good company are in the cards for the VA trip. 

I'm looking forward to it, despite my deathly fear of flying. The thought scares me, but we aren't here to analyze me- so let's move on...

.....for now, I have a frozen pina colada to sip.

Do I look relaxed? Not a laptop or Ipad in sight. Good girl.

The sand dunes

My husband- a cute beach accessory.

I could have stayed there forever. Beautiful sunsets.

And on a final note (an unrelated to my above blatherings) . We are publishing a fantastic new online magazine called Lux (short for Luxury) look for it fall 2011!


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