Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Can't Go Home Again ~ Or Can You?

blog by: Kim

I packed up my 5 year old daughter and left Michigan five years ago. There we were, our little car stuffed full of memories and boxes. Florida bound. She'd stare at me from the back seat, her big brown eyes wondering where our new adventure would lead us. I'd smile and reassure her that this was a great new beginning. And you know what? It was. Florida has been wonderful, but this blog is about going home again to Michigan recently.

I went back five years later, to see the people I love and missed the most. The ones who were there when I was a struggling single mom and even the years long before that. Oh yes, I remember you. I missed a wedding, a funeral and a graduation in these last five years that I have been gone. I made sure to tell the important people that I loved them. I drove by myself past our old apartment, past our house on Seminole St,  past Emily's very first school. Sometimes it would make me smile. A few times the memories made me cry. There were great times and equally hard ones.

The trip was wonderful and cathartic. I came away more at peace and happier than before. It's good to get back to your roots and where you came from, even if it's once every five years. Driving down the old, familiar streets as I had so done many times before, over and over. But this time I had a slightly different perspective and appreciation. I wasn't in a frantic rush to get to work, or drop my baby off at daycare. This time, I was on a journey where I was able to relax and enjoy. What a concept.

 8 Mile. Because that's how we roll.

 the Michigan 'burbs

 An old cemetery in Novi, MI on a cold March day.

 A pretty Michigan lake, end of winter and all is still quiet.

Me and Emily's tiny old apartment. We spend many days and nights here together.

Just me, freezing because I forgot how to deal with the cold. I cannot feel my toes.

 My beautiful long lost cousins (on dad's side)

We took over Olga's restaurant!

Sanders famous Michigan Chocolates. Yes, of course I bought some. Ate half in the store while standing at this counter. So?

 Old building in Howell, MI

Me and Sherry and Sophie's favorite store in Livonia, MI


Sophie and her new husband Steve, I hadn't met him until this night. Very cool guy- they are expecting their fist baby soon! Ah, the life stages we experience.

Robb and I acting goofy at 12 Oaks mall

...more of the 'burbs

 Robb & Hank telling me to put the camera down. I don't listen. Be quiet.

Robb and me. I don't remember laughing so hard. Same goofy asses we were 15 years ago.

 Sherry's dog Maggie, I swear she can talk!

 ...good 'ol chateau le Seminole

 Me and Sherry (these drinks were far too strong for me)

End of the journey: day 5

 I thank my husband for allowing me the 5 days I need to go on this "journey" and for holding down the fort. I know I'm a strong-willed girl and it's not easy to let me go off to revisit another life.  It was fun and I look forward to a trip with you next time Bob - somewhere warm and sunny perhaps?


  1. What a lovely trip! I guess the question is this - where was your heart? If it was really back in Florida with Bob and Emily, then did you really go "home"? It's good to get perspective, and reminders of how blessed you were then and how blessed you are now :)

  2. Good points Suz. I think my heart is with both. The trouble with living in different states is, you leave a little piece of you behind. With Bob and Emily is where I need to be now, yes.