Monday, February 21, 2011

Life as we know it: Musings from a semi-tamed chick

blog by: Kim
When are we supposed to grow up? According to my watch, I should be an adult by now. Every detail of life should fit into a nice little box. Husband, home, kids, career, spirituality and dazzling style to top it off.  Well don't be fooled. Life is never perfect and try as we may, some of us struggle against the grain more than others. Don't get me wrong, I think I am much better now than I was at 21, but each decade seems to have a different feel to it. I personally try to strike a balance between being a domesticated housewife to also being my own woman. I never wanted to be too domesticated.
I find the more authentic I am, the better I feel and I'm better to be around. I also see that there are so many differing personalities and opinions out there. Some I appreciate and like, and others I most certainly do not. Marriage and mommyhood are parts of domesticated life that can give you a run for your money, but if you step back from the chatter and find your center, you will eventually find your truth and happiness. Good female friends who "get it" are also an amazing thing to have in your back pocket through life's journey.

above: 2011 Bonnie and me (R)
I read this recently and loved it. The following excerpt is written by Kyran Pittman, Author of Planting Dandelions:
"We live in an age that exalts lifestyle over life. “Gurus” tell us how every aspect of living is to be arranged and displayed as our perfect offering. It’s not enough that our homes, gardens, tables, and wardrobes are styled to the last detail. Our beliefs must be fashionable, too—the more exotic, the better. But most people can only afford the extract of imported spirituality—they get some of the flavor, but not the substance. It’s the new truffle oil.
I believe in seeking. I believe ardently that you should drop everything and run toward your true self, as far as you have to go. But I want to put in a word for the path that winds through the backyard, because it can be just as meaningful and wondrous as the one that goes up the mountaintop, if it’s your path (hint: your path is the one dead in front of you). You want a spiritual discipline? Try staying vitally connected to the same person year in, year out, through surprise pregnancies, late mortgage payments, toilet seat battles, and the occasionally strong temptation to walk away and make a living tending bar somewhere on the coast of Maine. Domestic life is full of moments of truth, if you stay awake to them."


  1. Good girlfriends who "get it" are life saving!

  2. Kim added: much as we love our men (and we do!) other females understand the plight of being a female, hormones and all.