Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Years Resolutions? Don’t be Ridiculous

blog by: kim

People start out with good intentions, but loose steam by  early February. That’s why resolutions are sort of ridiculous in my opinion. I do think it’s great to have “goals” for the new year. That just sounds better. Less room for failure.

Has another year gone by? Yes, I suppose it has. I can’t say 2010 was a fantastic year with the economy in the crapper, but it wasn’t the worst either. For 2011 I wish for the housing market to get better, the economy to pick up and more people to find jobs so they can pay their bills. I want to volunteer in 2011 at a local animal shelter. I think I’m  now in a stage where it’s important to feel like you make a small difference while you’re here on this earth. Whatever your favorite cause is. My top three are Animal Abuse...

Susan G. Komen Fight for a Cancer Cure (an insidious disease)...

 and Gay Rights. I am hoping more people come to realize that being gay is not a choice, nor is it “evil”. They deserve the same civil rights as the rest of us. Equality. We don’t live in the 1950’s anymore. We are more educated and aware than we used to be in the generations before us. Think Outside The Box. Live and let live. It's nobody's business what people do with their lives and who are we to judge? And practice religious tolerance. If it harms none, do as you will. Stepping off my soap box...

In 2011, I’d like to see my best friends who live out of state. Sometimes the years go by too quickly. Sophie is having her first baby, I can't believe it!  Sherry’s son  graduated high school a couple of summers ago and Nicole moved to Alaska. Some are changing jobs, moving, marrying, divorcing and everything in between. Life has crazy stages, ebbs and flows I wish all of you happiness. 

I wish for my husband to have continued good health and a thriving business. My Emily, I love you always and want the best for you, my mini-me, my love, my sometimes pain in the butt little girl. You have taught me how little patience I actually have & also how much love.

2011 will bring new music from some great bands. Maybe another Tears tour? I have met some amazing people along the way over the years on those tours. Different cities and people who’s talent I am in utter awe of. Music is my weakness. It’s the sound track of our lives. Don't ever stop.

These are the top 10 resolutions most people seem to  come up with over and over. I guess they are important for a reason:

1.     Spend less time working/more with family and friends. This is true especially as you grow up and realize who really loves you and who was just passing through your life .

2.    Lose weight. I’m ok on this one, but many people are not and even I have to watch what I eat to remain healthy and slim. Nobody’s immune to the curse of the calories! Go easier on yourselves though, especially to the women. Your more beautiful than you think and we put way too much emphasis on the scale. We aren’t one size fits all. How boring that would be?

3.    Volunteer. My favorite idea for 2011. Pick your favorite cause. Too busy? Even an hour or two a month helps.

4.   Quit smoking- if your still smoking in 2011 you seriously need to rethink your life. It’s a death sentence and it ages you. Start enjoying the rest of your smoke-free life! There are a variety of free support services, hotlines, smoking classes and pills to help you kick the habit. Because the alternative is far worse.

5.    Quit drinking too much.  Moderation is cool, but some people can go way overboard. 

6.    Work out more. I don’t kid myself, my main form of exercise is a daily brisk walk unless it’s too cold out. I cannot pretend to be a gym rat. If you are, then more power to you, your stronger than me.

7.    Pay off debt. A hard one when the country is struggling and looking for jobs. I’ll let you slide on this one right now. Your welcome.

8.    Learn something new. Take a class for fun. Cooking class, cake decorating, karate, singing, boxing, whatever suits your fancy. Or go back to school and get your degree. It’s never too late.

9.    Thou shalt not text and drive. Oh boy this is a hard one, but I shall throw my blackberry in the back seat! I promise. *&^%$#

10. Clean and get organized. With  children and busy lives it’s easier said than done. Cleanliness is always a great idea. But there’s also more important things in life than a dish in the sink or stray sock on the floor- like enjoying life. Pick your battles.

To the people I love (you know who you are) here’s to a great 2011. Thank you for being so amazing. Sometimes “family” isn’t always in the traditional sense. I am a shining example of that. And to my friends, male and female who are single…may you find happiness whatever 2011 brings. It is far better to be alone than in a bad relationship. Because we are all works in progress aren’t we?

love & peace,



  1. The only 2 I really need have to do is #7 and #10...well, I guess if we have to move into a smaller place, #10 will have to happen whether I am ready for it or I wait and see. #2 is a great way to describe it! WE ARE NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Nor should we be! I love to volunteer and will continue to do so. As far as gay know I'm so on board with you on that one. They are humans, they are people, who love, work, have families and feel just like the rest of us. Whom they choose to love, is no one else's business, regardless of personal beliefs. I've seen a lot of people open their minds and realize this in the last few years. Hatred,'s wasted energy. Turn it around and focus that energy on something positive! *OK...stepping off that soapbox now* I want to visit my best friends too! Especially those who live outside of CA, across the country and in between! I won't name any names, you know who you are! xoxo, JB

  2. Kim responded: Jillie Bean should have her own blog. Great thoughts. I always like the way you think. We hope to see you this year as well! I love hearing what everyone's New Years "goals" are! "RAAAAOOOOUUULL"